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from 1983

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Kernel Panic

curator Thijs Geritz

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Concertseries took place at Studio LOOS,
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 2518 RA Den Haag

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Jeroen Diepenmaat   *   Rutger Muller   *   Monotonos

Jeroen Diepenmaat is a versatile artist who makes installations, sculptures, drawings and sound art.

His work is very diverse but always of great quality. It is really worth visiting his website and wander through his installations, performances, drawings and releases.

Jeroens sounds are diverse but often revolve around the principle of the turntable. So too is his presentation at Kernel Panic; two turntables, 4 arms and cut and pasted flexidics.

Rutger Muller "I'm an electroacoustic composer focused on the intricacies of timbre, acoustics and spatiality. I extract compositions or "soundspaces" from elements of ancient/classical music, (dark) ambient, (dub) techno, free improvisation and architectural ideas"

Monotonos plays dark ambient, music from isolated world, polar music (...) like slow cascading waves, a thunder on an autumn night. (...) Gorgeous rolling deep ambient music, perfect isolationist drones." (Vital Weekly #702)






Yiannis Tsirikoglou   *   Andreas Trobollowitsch   *   Ayankoko & Timphan

Yiannis Tsirikoglou is a composer / performer / sound artist currently living in The Hague. He is completing a masters degree at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of music in Den Haag with teachers like Paul Berg, Kees Tazelaar, Richard Barrett, Justin Bennett and Joel Ryan. He is dealing with various subjects including algorithmic synthesis, sound sculpting using mathematical models and spatial composition / synthesis techniques.

Andreas Trobollowitsch is a Vienna-based composer, performer and sound- and installation artist. He works extensively in the fields of electroacoustic composition and improvisation, and has composed for dance, theatre, film and radio. Based on rotation, vibration and feedback systems he uses mainly modified everyday objects, prepared fans and string instruments. Recently he has been focusing primarily on conceptual compositions, self-developed musical instruments, sound and drawing installations. Interested in dichotomy of the intellectual and the physical he includes visual aspects, spatiality, movement, and the way that they relate to sound.

Praysless (pray + priceless), is a concept of progressive and minimalistic images and music, at the beginning; chaotic at the climax, which evokes the blindly believed criticism and excessive consumerism, which is caused by the brain washing which we are daily subjected to. Little by little, without realizing it, we are inside.

Timphan Yarei Molina is a multidisciplinar artist based in Barcelona, even though he has lived all his chiledhood in Tàrrega, Lleida (Catalonia), where he studied drums, percussion and guitar with Carlos M. Molina and piano with Ma. Angeles Sánchez. Yarei Molina's solo project manages to hypnotize the listener creating a percussive, industrial sounding tsunami combined with the only help of his drum kit, a timpany and self-made instruments. Timpahn is the symbiosis between sound art and visual art made possible with the use of percussion instruments. With a drum set, a timpany and diy objects, we create sounds, rhythms, strange melodies and thunder bass which in resume pretends to create an industrial electronic aura which transports us to a most sinister psichedelic environment. With the interaction between sound and image (lights and videos) we intend to isolate and transport the audience.

Ayankoko is David Vilayleck, who is French with Laotian roots, solo project which embraces experimental, concrete, sound art, noise, live electronics and free improvisation. With a musical background as guitarist-improviser, the project is an ever-evolving thing which questions the ear about sound perception, its raw nature, the definition of music and the concept of ugly-beauty. Asian-French musician, composer, producer, sound artist and guitarist David Vilayleck has been working for 20 years in the fields and interests of jazz, ska dub, rock, world, gnawa, electronic improvised and experimental music. A prolific artist without borders, label founder and producer of Ayan Records, fellow sound research project Ayankoko, his unique style of playing and concepts in music allow him to equally enjoy the underground and mainstream scenes worldwide.






Ezequiel Menalled   *   Roessler / Kaffa   *   Pollution

Piano Memories is a new work presented in an installative format. A pre-recorded piano is transduced into a strongly amplified piano, which at the same time is diffused into the performance space. Like a sonic Matryoshka, this work explores the metaphor of an inanimate object during the improbable act of remembering.

Ezequiel Menalled (Argentina, 1980) is a versatile composer and conductor. In 2003 he founded Ensemble Modelo62 and has been its musical and artistic director ever since. He received his Bachelor and Master Composition degree at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, where later he taught from 2008 until 2016. His music is performed around the world by various ensembles and soloists. Besides his works of abstract concert music, he often collaborates with other art forms’ creators such as dance, film, photography and theater. listen

Ventilation Systems from Panjim, Tehran, and Shiraz Roessler and Drones Kaffa.

Pollution is the name of the collaboration between Andrea Cauduro, at the guitars and bass and Tiziano Teodori, at the flute and electronics, both classical trained.

The name Pollution, understood as contamination, foul-up, intangible blanket, concentration of dusts, takes inspiration from the iconic early period of Franco Battiato's music, 1970 ca. Across the years, they have developed their own language through experimentation, that led them performing a style with influences from Drone, Ambient, IDM, free and Avantgarde with music concrete elements.

For Kernel Panic they will present their new music which will be performed in the form of a suite. As it happen in the suite form, the tactus marks the separation of the sections and the soundscape features a large amount of musical themes.