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Kernel Panic

curator Thijs Geritz

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Concertseries took place at Studio LOOS,
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 2518 RA Den Haag

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MeSm   *   Katy Glow   *   Ilya Ziblat

MeSm is a duo of Roel Meelkop and Jos Smolders. Both musicians have been part of the Dutch experimental avant-garde since the mid 1980s. A few years ago Smolders radically shifted from laptop and computer based composition to the hands-on and much more tactile approach of the modular synthesizer. Currently he is regarded as one of those who really masters the patches. His idea of accurately pre-composed works has been abandoned in favor of a completely open approach. He translated the ideas of 'here and now' that are common in Zen practice to the stage. This offers a perfect match with the developments of Roel Meelkop. Jos and Roel have been partners in legendary electro acoustic improvisers THU20. Meelkop also has shifted towards meditative sessions and uses singing bowls, gongs, feathers as well as bows as his sonic tools.

Together they now form MeSm, a perfect blend of acoustics and electronics. The performances of MeSm are sparse, unrehearsed and develop at the very moment of performance. To enhance the listener's attention an atmosphere of concentration is created. There are no and there will be no public recordings of MeSm's performances. You experience the sounds when they are created, and only then. This too, enhances the attention of everyone present. Jos Smolders – Modulaire synthesizer Roel Meelkop – gongs, klankschalen, drums, water gong,

Katy Glow Katy’s music explores the stylistical points of a possible junctions between classical, ambient, folk and minimalism. Dubbed “the next star from the East” (“Junge Welt”), she came into the international spotlight with album “Red Sun” (Bolt Records, 2014).

Ilya Ziblat is a composer and a performer. His works mix between instruments and electronics, combining composed structures with improvisation. He has composed music for dance and for silent film, as well as, collaborated with many video- and visual- artists. He has worked with such musicians as Ensemble MAE (in collaboration with Leine & Roebana dance company), the Israeli ensembles Meitar and Musica Nova, St. George strings (Serbia), and bass player John Eckhardt. His music has been played in many international venues and festivals: as Teatros de Canal Madrid, National Philarmony Lithuania, ISCM World Music Days 2012 Antwerp, International Review of Composers Belgrade, haTeiva Tel Aviv, and Nanko Sunset Hall Osaka.

He plays contrabass / bass guitar, as a performer of composed works, and as an improvisor. During the years 2011-13 he has performed extensively together with the improv trio Hatzatz (with Maya Felixbrodt and Tomer Harari). Since 2008 he regularly collaborates with singer Elisenda Pujals in a voice-bass duo project, dedicated to performing contemporary repertoire and newly commissioned pieces. Together they have performed on various stages in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and Israel. In 2013 they have been invited to give a masterclass for composers & singers at the music department of the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

After studying composition and contrabass at the Rubin academy, Tel Aviv University, Ilya moved to the Hague to study at the conservatory. He is currently working on a PhD thesis in artistic research (Leiden University).






Cinema Perdu   *   Wouter van Veldhoven   *   Andrius Arutiunian

Cinema Perdu is the Utrecht based project of Martijn Pieck. “Soundtracks without movies” is how Martijn Pieck sees this project. With a fascination for (urban) found sounds he works with field recordings as starting point for his compositions. With all kind of manipulations and additions from other sound sources like synthesizers and contact-microphone recordings he recreates the feeling of a place during a certain time, sometimes more factual, sometimes more storytelling. Live-perfomances are for the most part improvisations in which he uses sounds and structures from past and upcomming releases. Besides his solo project Cinema Perdu, Martijn Pieck is also involved in the [law rah] collective and Woodbender. Occasionally he composes music for theater and performance art. He has released his solo music on Wool-E Tapes, Betontoon, Raubbau, Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere and Moving Furniture Records.

My name is Wouter van Veldhoven. I make music using collected second hand materials including, cans, old tape recorders, cigar boxes, broken radios, toy pianos, antique televisions, walkmans, etc. These collected objects are then reworked into experimental, often automated, musical instruments and recording devices. My music balances somewhere between dusty, lo-fi experimental electronics, installation art and jangly ambient. I have released solo albums and collaborative works (with a.o. Sima Kim, Greg Haines and Machinefabriek) on various labels such as Tapeworm, Umor Rex, Slaapwel, Digitalis and Morc". see

Andrius Arutiunian is an Armenian-Lithuanian composer and sound artist. His music explores the socio-cultural aspects of specific histories through their sonic artefacts, often dealing with ideas of identity, sonic appropriation and thresholds of noise and sound.

His works comprise of electro-acoustic pieces for chamber ensembles, sound installations and multimedia pieces, such as his composition on the decommissioned Visaginas Nuclear Power plant in Lithuania or recomposition of the NASA’s 1977 Voyager Golden Record, or his recent piece 600 Notes for documenta 14, Parliament of Bodies.

Arutiunian’s Armenian-Lithuanian background is also a strong influence on his work, compelling him to look into the layers of personal and shared histories through his music.

Based in The Hague (NL), Arutiunian works, performs, and teaches within both contemporary music and contemporary art contexts. He obtained his BA and MA degrees in composition at the Royal Conservatory The Hague under Yannis Kyriakides and Peter Adriaansz. He is a researcher and lecturer (Master Artistic Research department (KABK), Sedje Hémon Stichting).

He collaborates with various international ensembles (MAZE, Ensemble Klang, Nadar Ensemble, Slagwerk Den Haag, Synaesthesis and others) and visual artists, and frequently performs his own solo electronic and audio-visual sets in the Netherlands and abroad. Andrius Arutiunian’s works are published by Donemus. see